Feel Good Friday, Mindset

Silencing the Inner Critic: A Journey to Self-Compassion

I’m Laurie, your go-to gal for wellness and positivity. I’m a certified fitness, nutrition and health coach, with a PhD in trying pretty much every diet under the sun (spoiler alert: they were all eclipsed by the snack aisle). If you’re feeling stuck in the “lose-gain-repeat” cycle of weight loss, I get you! Yep, I played that game too, until 2018 came along and I decided to ditch diets and instead embrace health. What a game-changer that mindset shift was! Now, I support women who are ready to ditch diets and instead create a healthy lifestyle that works for them – on their terms, with their personal goals in mind – one step, one habit at a time! To learn more, let’s chat! Book a free 30 minute Wellness Breakthrough session here!

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