Total Wellness

Wellness isn’t about the number on the scale, your dress size, how far you can walk or run or how heavy you can lift.

Total wellness means having a healthy relationship with who you are – right now! It means loving your body, being honest with yourself about what you want and need, setting healthy boundaries and not feeling guilty for keeping them! Total wellness means a healthy relationship with food and exercise.

That means your journey to health and wellness is unique to you! If you’re looking for a program designed to support YOU, instead of an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all approach, if you’re ready move to a place of healthy body and mind, if you’re ready to prioritize your health and wellness, let’s connect!

Hi! My name is Laurie Barkman.

I am an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, ISSA Certified Health Coach and a Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach.

I teach women over 40 to shed extra pounds and embrace a healthy, vibrant lifestyle! Together, we focus on nutrition, fitness and workouts, and also mindset, to build self confidence, improve self esteem and help them feel more in control of their choices. Improved sleep, mood and stress management are also explored.

Together, we’ll get to the bottom of emotional eating, stress eating, and binge eating. You’ll begin to understand why you turn to food for comfort – and punish yourself with exercise or restrictions when you eat too much, especially if it’s “bad” food. Being able to clearly see the impact of negative self-talk and limiting beliefs are just as important as what you eat in order to reach your goals!

If you’re successful in many areas of your life, but feel you need support to help you integrate health and wellness back into your life, in a realistic, sustainable and effective way … you are in the right place!

  • Have you tried diet after diet and you want off the diet roller coaster?
  • Has your work life or family life gotten out of control and thrown you off track?
  • Have you tried developing your own fitness program and frustrated with all the conflicting information or finding it hard to stay consistent?
  • Are you struggling with low energy and just wish you just felt better overall?

I offer both Individual and Group Online coaching options. Which one is right for you?

Highly recommend Laurie. She helped me get in shape, create good eating habits and feel great about where I am right now. Thanks Laurie.


“I’ve worked with Laurie through both fitness training and developing a nutritional plan. Through all I’ve experienced with her, Laurie’s #1 priority is meeting yourself where you are at- she guides you to develop realistic and personalized goals, all while welcoming setbacks. Laurie has played a huge role in my journey to wellness, always making me feel like I can accomplish anything!” – Alyssa