My first job, waiting on tables at Boston Pizza, was meant to provide the money I needed to go to university and get a real job. Instead, I fell in love with the service industry, and in spite of some pretty unattractive uniforms, decided to build a career in the exciting and always changing tourism and hospitality industry.

During my career, I waited on tables, spent a short time in housekeeping, then moved to front desk and eventually ended up in hotel sales, culminating in the position of National Director of Sales & Marketing for a hotel management company.

After working hard for years to drive new business, new customers into the hotels I represented, I realized that the first focus needed to be on ensuring FANTASTIC customer experiences.

When customers walked in the door, they needed to receive the type of service that made them want to come back and share their story with their family, their friends and their colleagues.  With that (and perhaps a touch of mid-life crisis?), I transitioned from sales and marketing to professional development.  I started by creating a training and professional development strategy and platform for the same national hotel management group I had previously represented in a sales and marketing role. That experience provide me the background needed to launch my own business, Servicedge Training & Consulting.

The role of solo-preneur was a lot of work, a lot of fun and provided me with the opportunity to travel and meet many new people. The one piece I missed was working closely with a team.  I recently joined Groupe Germaine as General Manager at the new and beautiful Alt Hotel Winnipeg. The decision was easy, as the entire company is dedicated and committed to providing excellent service to their internal and external customers.  They also believe in FANTASTIC customer experiences.  It’s a natural fit!

Life is indeed good.

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  1. Thank you Dave! I am so sorry for not responding earlier. For some reason, your comment ended up in spam (??!!). I thoroughly enjoy your posts; they inspire me to act, to think and to open my mind to new possibilities.

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