Service is not the same as Servile

Some people believe that being of service to others is the same as being servile. People who believe they are “just a ______” don’t value their contribution to the overall success of a company. They allow themselves to be pushed around by people in perceived positions of power (bosses, colleagues, customers) who feel they have the right to treat the people who serve them as servants.

On the other side, are countless numbers of people in service jobs who do not believe they are there to serve their customers, because that means they are then servile.  They are at work to earn a paycheque, to sell a product and to make very sure that people treat them with the respect they are entitled to.

Being of service to others is not the same as being servile.

Being of service means:

  1. Valuing and recognizing individual skills and abilities
  2. Genuinely caring about another person’s well-being.
  3. Making a conscious decision to use individual skills and abilities to help solve a problem or meet a need.
  4. Proactively looking for new or improved ways to serve the customer

Being servile means:

  1. Believing others are better than you.
  2. Devaluing individual strengths and focusing only on the weaknesses
  3. Submitting to bad behaviour
  4. Giving others power over you

Being of service to others has absolutely nothing to do with a title or a role in an organization; it’s all in an individual’s perception of service.  It’s about knowing that a spotless hotel room, a tasty and attractive looking plate, a welcoming smile and an offer of assistance are valued and appreciated.

Being of service means taking the time to know your team members. What is important to them?  Where can you help them shine and how can you help them grow?

It’s about believing that being of service to others is something to be proud of.

What do you think? Do some people confuse being of service with being servile?