Feel Good Friday: Two Examples of Great Customer Service

It has been quite the week and what better way to end it than with two stories of companies and service professionals who have gone above and beyond what was expected of them.

Providing a Little Extra

Anyone who wears glasses knows they are not inexpensive and it can be so hard to  know which pair looks better once the obviously wrong choices have been eliminated.  A friend told me about an optometrist she used to go to that helped address that little problem.  At this store, the service team took Polaroid head shots of the customer wearing their top three or four choices so they could look at all their options at once, instead of putting on and taking off while squinting because the demo frames don’t have lenses!  What a simple idea to help ease the “this one or that one” decision making process.

Service Recovery with No Hassle

On January 2nd, I purchased a brand new laptop from Staples.   It was shiny and way better than my other one … or so I thought.  A software program I need to create e-learning courses wouldn’t run.  The laptop refused to communicate with my printer.  One day Outlook worked, the next day it  received emails but refused to send them. My internet connection cut out intermittently. The laptop wouldn’t shut down and then took forever to open.  After two weeks, I packed it up and brought it back to the store. (I don’t know why it took me that long either.)  When I got to the store, there were no excuses, no delays. The tech person on staff immediately indicated that this was a hardware problem and the laptop would either need to be replaced or fixed. Both of these options would have left me without a laptop for a few days; not an option for a solopreneur. So they took my old one back and found me a comparable one in stock.  There was empathy, an apology, a solution and at the end of the day, a discount and more importantly, laptop that worked.

Great customer service doesn’t have to be complicated.  Provide an unexpected touch and when something does go wrong, fix it.

Join me this Feel Good Friday and share a positive service experience you’ve had.    ___________________________________________________________________________________________

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