What Can I do to Make Your Day a Little Better?

A simple question that can turn someone’s ho-hum or lousy day around …

“What can I do make your day better?”

This question doesn’t have to be spoken out loud, but can instead be the quiet voice inside that turns the focus off of ourselves and onto the other person.

When we ask that question, we can’t help but take notice of the person in front of us as someone more than a co-worker, a customer or whatever label we associate them with. When we notice the person behind the label, it is easier to see past the tiredness, perhaps the crankiness.  We may even see the tiredness and sadness behind the smile.

Very often the answer to that question is as simple as a smile, a warm welcome, some undivided attention, a listening ear.  It may be an offer of assistance, a cup of tea, a gentle touch.  Children seem to have this naturally. They offer hugs, dandelions, a crayon drawing … simple treasures.  As adults, many of us seem to have complicated the simple act of caring about someone else.  We look for others to recognize our hurt first or we focus on the solution instead of the emotion.

We all have the unique opportunity to make someone’s day just a bit better. Whose day will you make brighter today?