A Towel Would Have Been Nice

Rainy dayMy daughter Amy recently spent a few days in Amsterdam. She arrived at midnight in the pouring rain.  Amy walked into the first hostel looking for a safe, dry place to stay.  No empty bed was available.  She walked back outside into the rain and on to the next hostel. Again, no bed.  Three more times she tried with no luck.  So she got in a taxi and went to another area of the city where there were more hostels.   It took two more tries before she finally found an empty bed.

Now call me a crazy customer service lady, but wouldn’t it have been nice if just one person had said “You look tired and soaking wet. The weather is lousy outside.  We don’t have any beds left but how about I make a few calls to see if I can find you one.” And then, maybe, just maybe she could have been offered a towel to dry off  a little bit and a hot cup of coffee or tea before heading back out into the nasty weather.

The second to last hostel she tried did at least recommend the name of a hostel close by and gave her directions on how to get there, so that was better than all the others.

None of the first hostels Amy tried could give her exactly what she wanted .. a warm, dry bed and a roof over her head.  I imagine if the people working had taken a moment to ask themselves ” If this was me, what would I like?”  they would think:  I’d want someone to recognize that I am tired and cold.  I’d want someone to try to find me a place to stay.

Sometimes, customer service is nothing more than looking up and really seeing the person in front of you. Has anyone provided that kind of personalized, caring service to you lately?  



How Customer Service is Like a Crime Show

I confess … I love crime shows.  Criminal Minds, Elementary and CSI.  Something about the search to put the bad guys away and make the world a little safer, one criminal at a time, intrigues me.

So what does that have to do with customer service, you ask?

Customer service professionals have the opportunity to make the world of the people they interact just a little bit better, one customer at a time.  How cool is that?!

Don’t you just love when you walk into a business and are greeted by someone who seems to truly love what they do? They exude positive energy, they have a bounce in their step, they smile, and they see you instead of just another customer.

Knowing how how to meet or exceed a customer’s expectations can be a bit of a mystery sometimes.  These dedicated customer service professionals ask questions, watch for clues and do everything in their power to figure it out.

Every day they come to work seemingly determined to make their customer’s day brighter and their co-worker’s day brighter.   Yup .. that is pretty amazing.

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