Five Traits of Effective Coaches

Leaders wear a lot of hats. Leaders of teams are responsible for the overall performance of the team. One of the hats that strong leaders wear is the coaching hat.

Effective coaching benefits both the leader and their team members.  Teams that perform to standard are much more likely to achieve their goals.  That makes the entire team look good.  Coaching team members to develop new skills and take on additional responsibility provides opportunities for career advancement. That’s a positive for the team member and for the leader, as some tasks can be delegated to others.

Here are five traits that effective coaches / leaders share. They are:

1.    Tough, but fair

You know what the performance expectations are and you need your team to meet those expectations.  Coaches who are too nice, who are afraid to identify when expectations are not being met, won’t see the results they need.  Push your team to do well, but in such a way that recognizes individual strengths and weaknesses.

2.    Respectful

Don’t bring down anyone’s self-esteem.  Focus on self-development and improvement, not on punishment.

3.    Coach Everyone

Don’t just focus on under-performers.  Help all team members become better at what they do.  Coach high performers to learn new, career development skills.

4.    Find Time for Fun

People learn better when they are having fun.  Ask the question “What can I do to make routine, dull tasks less boring, especially during the learning process?”

5.    Consistent

Consistency gives team members a sense of certainty. They know what is expected of them and they know those expectations won’t change depending on whether their coach is having a good day or a bad day.

When you think back on some of the best coaches / leaders you’ve had, what are some traits they demonstrated?