5 Common Misconceptions about Customer Service


  1. Anyone can do it. If that were true, there would not be nearly as many examples of lousy service on-line. The ability to manage conflict, stay cool in times of stress and adapt communication styles based on individual customers is difficult. Find the right people and then train them to be successful.
  2. One size fits all. Customers are made of up individuals with individual wants, needs and expectations. That means some customers want to fill out a web form and some want to speak to a real live person. Some people want friendly conversation and others want no-nonsense efficiency.  Identify the differences and prepare for them.
  3. Customers complain. Ok, this one is sort of true. An unhappy customer will complain, but probably not to you. By far the majority of disappointed customers leave a business without telling anyone at the business they are unhappy, but chances are they will tell someone. If you’re not getting complaints, don’t assume all is good. Train your service team to ask and act.
  4. Customers are more concerned about price than service. Yes, there are some people that will move for a few dollars and yes, price and quality need to be comparable, but there are more people that will stay with a company, even if something cheaper comes along, if they feel valued, respected and cared for. Focus on meeting and exceeding their service expectations.
  5. Complaining customers just want a freebie. A complaining customer is giving you the chance to make them happy. They are saying “please fix this so I don’t have to find a new place to go.” Yes, sometimes the fix comes at a cost, but that cost is much lower than losing the customer to the competition, losing future business due to bad word-of-mouth and the costs associated with finding a new customer to replace the one that just left.

Are there other customer service myths you are familiar with?