Thoughtful Gestures = Big Impact

I was up early this morning to facilitate a customer service focused workshop / brainstorming session with the team at the Hampton Inn by Hilton Winnipeg Airport.

When I walked into the room where we would be meeting, the room was all set up with the easel in the front and the pad of flip chart paper lying on a table next to it.  You might be thinking “Now why in the world is the paper lying on a table?  It should be on the easel.”

Here’s why.  At the first session, I took the flip chart paper off the easel and put my own prepared flip charts up.  The empty pad was used for group work.  Margaret remembered that and she made my set up just a little bit easier by putting the fresh paper to the side for me.  Nice!

Sometimes, we over-complicate customer service.  Great customer service is not complicated. Grandiose gestures are nice, but they are not a replacement for consistently delivered, thoughtful words deeds and actions that say “I know YOU, I recognize YOU, I am here to serve YOU.