They Don’t Teach Corporate in College

I remember my very first supervisory job.  I was in my early twenty’s, had worked hard, proven myself and was given the opportunity to be a shift supervisor. I was not a particularly good supervisor and could have really used the advice provided in Chapter 9 (You’re the Boss Now) of Alexandra Levit’s book, They Don’t Teach Corporate in College.

This book, written with the twenty-something, new to the business world person in mind, is full of information on how to successfully navigate the corporate world.  Alexandra provides practical tactics and strategies on how to land a first job, create and implement a career plan, manage disappointment when a job does not meet initial expectations and if necessary, exit gracefully and move on to the next opportunity.

What makes this book particularly effective are Alexandra’s real life examples, as well as the stories shared by readers of previous editions.  Those stories bring the content to life and provide proof that mistakes are nothing more than opportunities to learn, to adapt and to get it right the next time.

From a supervisory / management perspective, reading this book provides insight into some of the challenges or assumptions twenty-somethings may bring to the workplace.  It’s easy to forget what it was like when we started our career journey.  They Don’t Teach Corporate in College is an excellent reminder and has the added benefit of enlightening us on how expectations have changed since we started our own career journey.

If you’re looking for information to make your transition to the business world less overwhelming and confusing, or if you manage twenty-somethings and want to understand them better, They Don’t Teach Corporate in College, this book is for you.

(Thank you to Career Press for the opportunity to read and review Alexandra Levit’s book, They Don’t Teach Corporate in College.)