Dynamic, passionate, knowledgeable and fun …

are all words past participants have used to describe me and my presentations. Filled with real life examples and common sense strategies to live a healthier life, built on practical, LIVABLE, ideas, these presentations provide listeners with activities they can implement starting RIGHT AWAY!


How to Be a BadA.S.S. With Your Health

In spite of what people think, changing how we eat to get to a healthier version of ourselves doesn’t mean giving up all our favourite foods, weighing, measuring and strict calorie counting.

In “How to be a Bad.A.S.S. with Your Health, Laurie shares three simple strategies that add up to BIG results!

Five Reasons why Healthy Living Sucks … and How to Change That!

The fitness and nutrition world can make getting healthy seem pretty daunting! So many rules! So many sacrifices! Truth is, it’s not as hard as it seems.

In this presentation, Laurie busts some common health myths and shares practical, real-life strategies and tactics that can be implemented immediately!

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