Nourish & Flourish Group Program

Rediscover Yourself: Embrace Wellness, Bid Farewell to Diets, and Flourish!

Embark on a transformative twelve-week journey – a supportive group program that ventures into important conversations around self-worth, beliefs, and habits, unraveling the intricate threads that bind your relationship with food and movement.

If you’re in search of a rigid roadmap, complete with do’s and don’ts, calorie counting, and exhaustive tracking, this program might not be your cup of tea. Instead, we’re going to dive deep, gently and with immense kindness to ourself and others. Together, we’ll set intentions and goals, taking time to honor the art of celebration. Expect a wealth of insights shared and connections forged with women treading their own paths to wellness.

So, what does that journey look like?

  • Weekly group gatherings – a haven of support and camaraderie that empowers you and allows you to support others.
  • Your very own “Nourish & Flourish” workbook, a roadmap for crafting your personalized wellness journey.
  • A “Handy Portion Guide” that empowers you to manage portion sizes without weighing and measuring.
  • A “Mindful Eating Guide” – your compass to navigate triggers, habits, and beliefs blocking your wellness path.
  • A Personalized Nutrition Guide – tailored to nourish your unique journey.
  • Entry into the “Nourish & Flourish” Women’s Wellness Community on Facebook, brimming with daily inspiration and uplifting camaraderie.
  • Weekly “healthwork” – your opportunity to practice, learn and grow with other women.



> Januaray 6th – March 23rd, 2024 – We’ll connect online every Saturday at 10 a.m. central time. Can’t make it in real-time? No worries. All coaching sessions are recorded for your convenience.

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