Group Coaching

There is something powerful about being part of a group, working together to gain insights, to support each other and to take action towards a common goal – better health!

For many people, being part of a group is much more fun and effective. As a group participant, you’ll get to meet other people who may have similar backgrounds or are currently going through relatable life events. This can be very powerful!

You’ll reach your goals through small, daily activities and practices, sharing successes and challenges, offering and receiving encouragement from me (of course!) as well as other group members.

The energy of the group and the support everybody in the group receives leads to accountability, rapid momentum, and ongoing motivation as everyone works toward their individual goals.

Note: Minimum 4 people to maximum of 10 people. All must start together.

  • One-hour health and wellness consultation
  • Personalized nutrition with NO crazy, restrictive diets or special foods to buy
  • Customized fitness programming – based on your goals, your timelines and your current fitness level
  • Habit and mindset coaching for long-term, sustainable results
  • Daily accountability plus weekly 60 min group check-in / accountability call
  • Real time app tracking

Interested in getting some friends together for group coaching? Complete the form below, with number of people, any questions and approximate start up date and I’ll respond within 48 hours!

And of course, if you’d like to learn more first, book a FREE 30 minute Wellness Breakthrough Session with me!