Can I get just fitness or just nutrition coaching?

Most of my clients are looking to get healthy and that includes eating better AND moving more.

If you come to me for help and support in moving to a healthier version of you, we’ll chat about your goals and the steps that will help get you there. Your program will be unique to you – but chances are, it will include both fitness and nutrition in a way that works for YOU!

Having said that, if you’re already working with a personal trainer you love, awesome! In that case, our conversations will revolve around strategies and tactics to eat healthier in a way that supports your overall goals and the fitness program you already have.

Do you recommend supplements?

I’ll answer that two different ways.

Supplements can be a useful tool to help meet health and fitness goals and there are times when it makes sense to incorporate supplements mindfully and strategically. If someone is struggling to eat enough protein or has a busy schedule that means eating on the run sometimes, then a protein shake may help. Vitamins, adaptogens, etc can help ensure phytonutrient intake is adequate, assist with sleep, energy levels, etc.

BUT – yup a big, bolded BUT – most people are able to meet their nutrition goals without the use of supplements. Before looking at the potential need for supplements, we’ll explore habits, food choices, etc. The focus is whole, minimally processed foods first! And if you’re using a supplement and love it, I’m not going to force you to stop.

Your journey is your journey and together, we’ll create a program and plan that YOU can live with that will move you towards a healthier you.

Am I going to have to give up all my favourite foods?

NO! I cannot imagine life without favourite foods! Will there be some changes in how often or how much you eat some of those foods? Probably! But don’t worry – there are proven step-by-step ways to get to the point where you’ll be able to enjoy those favourite foods, in moderation without even one tiny smidge of guilt. How great does that sound?!

How often and how long are the workouts?

Your workouts will be customized based on your current fitness levels, your fitness goals and the time you have available. There are definitely recommended minimums for cardio and resistance, but chances are, they are not as onerous as you might think! How quickly you achieve those minimums (or exceed them!) depends on your current fitness level and how much time you can commit. Remember, it’s not a race – unless that’s what you’re training for!

What do you charge?

Great question! Let’s find out what your goals are and explore the different coaching services available to you. It’s usually best to start with a no-obligation 30 minute FREE call. Book it here.

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