Don’t Blink

redflower2The last two weeks have been incredibly busy and in amongst all that busyness, were moments of reflection and learning.

I, along with my husband, my brother and my brother’s wife, spent a lot of time helping my parents prepare for a year long visit to Newfoundland.  Mom and dad sold their house and then had to decide what to do with all the stuff that accumulates over the years. Some would go into storage to await their return. Some would go to Newfoundland with them and some would either be donated or sent to the trash.

As mom was sorting through her beloved books, I learned she loves poetry.  How did I not know that, after all these years?  It makes me wonder what other interesting tidbits of information I don’t know about people near and dear to me.

And why did it take this significant move for me to find the time to spend all those many hours with my parents?  If I could make the time now, it meant I also had the time before even if it seemed I didn’t.

As I gave my parents one long last hug before they hit the road, mini-van piled high with personal treasures, it hit me that not only are my parents no longer close by, both my children are also far away.  Amy is working in BC and already has her ticket purchased for Thailand, her jumping off point for her next travel adventure.  Erik is working in Baffin Island.  From a purely selfish perspective, I’m thankful he will be home soon.  It seems like just yesterday these two young adults were babies.

The flower picture used in my post this morning is from a plant my sister-in-law gave us when we moved into our new home.  There were no blooms for months and then one day, I  noticed a bud and a few days later, woke up to this beautiful red bloom. The next day, it was gone.  The plant blooms for one day only and perhaps that is my lesson in all of this.

Kenny Chesney sings “Don’t blink.  Times goes by faster than you think”.  We don’t know how long those near and dear to us will be close by. We need to stop being so busy and take the time to enjoy family and friends. Go for walks or just sit and talk. It will be time well spent.

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