How Will You Make Work a Better Place to Be Today?

happygrumpyeggsEarly on in my career, I worked for a boss who set the tone for the entire day based on the way he walked into the office. When he walked in with a smile and a good morning, we all breathed a sigh of relief. When he stormed in without so much as a glance at anybody and then slammed the door to his office, we knew it was going to be a long, drama-filled day.

Later on in my career, the general manager of a hotel I worked at never came to work without a smile, a jaunt in his step and a positive attitude. He started every day by walking around the hotel, meeting and greeting everyone by name.

Guess which workplace had lower turnover and higher morale? A seemingly insignificant moment like how we greet team members every day impacts our business.

Making work a better place is everyone’s responsibility.  From the time we step in the door until the time we leave, there are countless opportunities to make work positive and fun.

Walk through your day. How many opportunities do you have today to make your workplace just a little brighter, for your team members and your customers?

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