And the winner is part 2 ….

Help people good better best achievementLast weekend, my husband and I decided to visit a fairly new restaurant close to our home.  The Marion Eatery received a great review in the paper a few months back and we didn’t feel like cooking breakfast … the perfect reason to head on over.

The food hadn’t even arrived and I was already saying “I wonder if Amy (our daughter, recently returned from her year long travel adventure) is looking for a part time job because if she is, this would be a great place to work.”

Earning a reputation for great service is not just about wowing paying customers; it’s also about wowing the people you pay to wow the paying customers.

Our server was amazing. Sarah truly made us feel welcome and quite frankly, she is someone I would want on my team.  And it wasn’t just Sarah. Each and every person in that restaurant smiled at each other, as well as their customers.  We saw people treating each other with consideration and respect. We saw a group .. no, change that to a team of service professionals who all truly seemed to enjoy their jobs and each other.

Chad and I were there just a few days ago and we will go back.  Yes, the food was good, but what really impressed us was the service and the positive interaction between the people working that day.

Great service is more than exceeding the expectations of paying customers.  Truly great, consistent service happens when the work environment is such that you attract the best of the best to your place of business.  There are more people who have the technical skills you need; than those who have the attitude and the interpersonal skills to wow. Your ability to attract technical AND interpersonal excellence depends on your reputation for service excellence.

What can you do to attract the best of the best to your business? It’s not just about paying the highest wages (although if you want the best of the best, shouldn’t you pay more than companies willing to hire the barely passable?). It’s about recognizing and rewarding excellence. It’s about setting the standard for respectful dialogue, friendly communication and personalized interactions.

Chad and I got seated just minutes before the line up started. The Marion Eatery is small, the menu is limited, the food is very good and the service is amazing. Definitely a winner …

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