Great Service is a Team Effort

"TEAM" SKETCH NOTES (teamwork meeting strategy business ideas)The ability of a team to deliver good to great service is not the responsibility of just one or two people. It doesn’t matter if someone works front-of-house or back-of-house. It doesn’t matter if someone answers phones at front reception or sit in a corner office. Everyone plays a role in the overall customer service experience.

It takes a team of committed service providers working together to meet and exceed customer expectations and it takes a team to build a strong customer service strategy. As the leader of a service team, if you want your team members to buy into the process, don’t forget the following:

1) Identify key players on your team to help build your customer service strategy. Who has the ability to connect with other team members to get ideas and input? Who has the trust of other team members? Who has great listening skills? Those are the people you want to pull into this very important project.

2)  Demonstrate what great service looks like. Treat your team members the way you want them to treat their co-workers and your customers. Smile.  Use their name. Remember personal things about them.  Be respectful.  Don’t judge.

Creating a customer service strategy is not a one-person job. Give your team a chance to help build the plan and increase the odds of success.

2 thoughts on “Great Service is a Team Effort

  1. Hi, Laurie.

    Hope all is going well with your new gig. You’re site looks GREAT!

    My wife and in-laws are from about seven hours south of you (by car), but I have never been to your town, for business of pleasure. Winnipeg is one of the few large towns in North America where I haven’t had the pleasure of presenting.

    If I do ever get up your way, I’ll know where to stay. Be well. 🙂


    • Hi Paul,

      The new gig is wonderful! Great building, great location and most importantly, great team.

      It would be great to meet you … hopefully you do get up here to Winnipeg and yes, if you do, please contact me directly about the best place to stay in Winnipeg!


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