You Gotta Take the Bad with the Good

2013-10-25 21.14.59Last week my husband and I had to make the painful decision to let our beautiful Mika go.  Mika was a cuddly cat who loved to snuggle up for pets.  Since Mika left, it is perfectly safe to leave a glass of water unattended.  We no longer have to be careful Mika doesn’t sneak out the door for some new adventure when we walk into our home. I can walk in the dark, no longer fearful of stepping in some nasty hairball left right in the middle of the floor somewhere.  No more kitty litter to change.  And yet, given the chance, we would gladly welcome all those supposed inconveniences back if it meant we could have Mika purring on the couch beside us.

It is so easy to get caught up on the inconveniences of life. We complain about the high maintenance customer, forgetting that customers are our bread and butter. We gripe about the reports that need to be completed, forgetting that those reports, while perhaps not fun to do, mean we have something to report on.

Very often the things we enjoy are bundled with things we would rather do without. That’s not going to change anytime soon, so instead of focusing on what you don’t like, be thankful for what you enjoy.  Instead of wishing away the unpleasant stuff, recognize that it comes packaged with things, people or activities you love and then focus on the positive.  Because sometimes, all too soon, both are gone and you’re left missing what you used to dislike.

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