What to do when you have too much to do …

Segretaria stressataIt is difficult to provide great service to your team and your customers when you are always running behind on the to-do list.  But, if you’re like me (and chances are you are!) there are times when there simply seems to be too much list and not enough time. When you start to feel overwhelmed, remember the following:

You’re not saving time if the time you save now slows you down later.  Cutting corners or skipping breakfast in order shave off a few minutes is not going to help you in the long run if you have to re-do a task when it’s done poorly or too many mistakes are made because you’re physically and mentally drained.

Be sure you are doing what YOU need to be doing.  Take a look at all those items on your list.  Do all those items belong to you?  Are there some that could be completed more efficiently by others?  Are there tasks others are doing that you could be doing?  By taking a look at what you are doing, as well as what others on your team are doing, you may find that reassigning some tasks and responsibilities create efficiencies

Stop and breathe!  There are times when taking a ten minute break saves you twenty minutes later. Increased stress and feelings of panic slow you down and increase errors. When you start feeling overwhelmed, go for a walk, watch a funny or inspirational video.  Do something that brings down your stress level.

And yes, there will be some days, perhaps even a week or two at a time, when every day seems to short.  Sometimes life happens all at once and for a little while, your personal definition of work\life balance will seem a little off-kilter.  When that happens, take one of those ten minute breathers and put down in writing just what a personal celebration looks like when life gets back to your definition of normal.

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