Life’s Not Fair… Get Over It.

Frustrated, aggressive woman asking who caresWhen I was growing up, I HATED it when my dad’s response to my plaintive cry “but that’s not fair” was “nobody ever said life was fair.” I must admit, I still don’t like that life’s not fair, but all the wishing in the world isn’t going to change that.

There will be times, when in spite of your best efforts, an internal or external customer can’t or will refuse to be appeased. Very often their stubborn refusal to recognize and give you credit for doing the absolute best you can has absolutely nothing to do with you. Perhaps the perfect words you use to try and resolve conflict were uttered before by someone who used those words for no other reason that to buy enough time to duck and run. Perhaps they have heard and trusted so many promises or reassurances that never came true, they made the decision to never trust again.

In the service industry,we generally know only the moment in time that includes us. Some customers, internal or external, come to us with with bags full of broken promises and unfulfilled expectations and in spite of our best efforts, we are unable to connect and create the basis of a relationship that allows trust to build.

In our line of work, it’s not about fair, right or wrong.  It’s about ensuring that we are never the reason our customers become disillusioned; it’s about being honest, sincere and recognizing that we don’t deserve trust and respect .. we have to earn it.

The next time you feel an internal or external customer has treated you unfairly, take a deep breath, put yourself in their shoes and never let their sometimes unfair treatment of you impact the high level of service you provide to the next customer.

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