Learning the Ropes is Easier when Ego is Put Aside

question mark over headThe learning process slows down or slams on the brakes when we don’t ask questions or ask for advice because we’re afraid of looking stupid or indecisive or weak.

Starting any new venture, regardless of the amount of experience you have behind you, means there is someone (probably a lot of someones) who has information and knowledge you don’t have.

Put aside the need to appear knowledgeable on all aspects and remember that competence happens when we are willing to say “I don’t know. Can you help me understand?” or “I don’t have the answer to that question, but I know who does. Let’s go learn something new together.”

As I head into week two as general manager at the Mere Hotel, I am grateful for and rely on the skills, knowledge and experience I do have behind me.  I am also grateful for and rely on the knowledge and experience of the people on our service team.

When taking on a new challenge, know and value what  you know. And, just as importantly, know what you don’t know .. then find the people on your team who will help fill that knowledge gap for you.

When we do that, it reduces the amount of time spent learning and builds relationships with the people on your team. Win – win.

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