How to Hire Amazing Customer Service Staff

sleepinfrontofboxesAmy is on the move again. She left Lochinver, Scotland on Thursday and arrived in London, England yesterday evening.  She overnighted in Inverness, which meant trying to find a place to stay last minute.  Amy got off the bus and started looking for a hostel. The first hostel she walked into was full, but that is where any similarity to her experience in Amsterdam ended.  (You can read that post here if you missed it).

Instead of just saying “Sorry, we are full”, the lady working the desk picked up the phone and called another hostel to see if they had a room available. They didn’t but then she said “If you can wait just a bit, I might be able to find a place for you here.” Turns out the manager was away and her (or perhaps, his) room was not being used.  The room was combination place to sleep and storage room. Long story short, Amy ended up staying at that hostel for one night.  The front desk agent found her a spare set of linens and a quilt. She saw how tired Amy was.  She commented on the nasty cold Amy was dealing with and she took steps to make her customer comfortable.

Finding service professionals who are willing to go the extra mile, who are able to look beyond the obvious to find a solution in order to meet their customer’s needs, is not easy.  There are a lot of people that apply for customer service jobs, but a small number of those applying and in many cases, being hired, are ready, willing and capable of putting the customer first.

So how do you do find those people?  Below are links to articles I’ve found that attempt to answer that very question. There are some great ideas and suggestions here.  If finding the right person to fill that all-important customer service role is a challenge, perhaps some of the tips and suggestions will help:

How to Write a Magnetic Job Description for Customer Support

Embrace Customer WOW

Eight Tips for Hiring Talented Service Staff

Hiring Awesome Customer Service Staff in Four Simple Steps

Hiring Questions List for Employers


What are some things you do to hire and retain the best of the best? 

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