Feedback Frenzy or How to Improve Survey Response Rates

rateoursurveyMy husband and I recently stayed at a hotel that we will definitely go back to. The facility was lovely. The rooms were beautiful and the service was excellent.

Today I received an email asking me to complete a survey regarding our stay.  Sigh … it was not completed.  Here’s why:  way too many questions asking me to rate, on a scale from 1 – 10, our satisfaction with how the room smelled, their choice of TV’s and television channels, cleanliness of the room, comfort of the pillows, etc. , etc., etc.  I quit after page five.

There are a whole lot of stats on-line about customer response rates to surveys.  The stats are dismally low and I’m guessing it’s because the survey formats are so bad.  Too often these feedback forms ask way, way, way too many questions.  If the survey had looked something like the following, I would have completed it.

Did you enjoy your stay with us?        Yes       No

How would you rate the service you received?       Amazing        Fine        Lousy

How would you rate the hotel facility, amenities and services?       Amazing        Fine        Lousy

Will you return the next time you are in the area?        Absolutely     Maybe      Not a Chance

Will you refer our hotel to your family, friends or colleagues?   Absolutely     Maybe      Not a Chance

Any other comments you’d like to share?

May we contact you for further information on your responses?   Yes    No

Here’s what I would have loved to say under any other comments: “Beautiful hotel with wonderful, service-minded staff doing their utmost to ensure a positive stay.  We will be back and we will refer others.”

If you really want to know your customer’s thought about their interaction with your business, shorten your 50+ questionnaire to six or seven questions, max.  What do you really, really need to know?  Focus on those questions and then dig deeper with the people who give you permission to go into further detail.

Your customer service survey is another customer touch point.  It’s an opportunity for you to delight or frustrate your customers. Ask yourself “Does my customer want to spend 10 minutes filling out all these ‘on a scale of 1-10’ questions?”  If the answer is ‘no’, why are you doing it?


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