Keep on Learning

I am sitting in a hotel room in Ottawa, getting ready for day one of two full days of training, although this time I am the learner, instead of the facilitator.

This last week, I facilitated over 18 hours of training in two days.  I loved every moment of it, but am now very ready to be on the other side of the table and take my turn at soaking up new information.

Continuous learning is so important.  The moment we think we know everything there is to know is the same moment we start falling behind.  New ideas, new technologies, the opportunity to hear different view points and perspectives keeps things exciting and fresh.

When is the last time you took part in any kind of training or learning session?  If it’s been too long to remember, I encourage you to get back in the learner chair.  There is always something you take away when you open yourself up to new ideas and perspectives.


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