Are you happy?

Are you happy?  Are your employees happy?

Happy is a fluffy word.   It’s not a word that is used very often in business settings. In business, we like to use important sounding words like engagement, return on investment, bottom line revenues, core competencies, best practices, leverage and buy-in.

Happy is for children.  Happy is for kindergarten, although even that seems to be disappearing in our continuous quest to maximize all learning opportunities.  Play time and nap time are wasted time.

Many companies don’t measure happy, which is unfortunate, because corporate sounding or not, happy matters.

Happy employees = happy customers

Think about someone you know who is perpetually unhappy.  Now think of someone you know who is happy.  Who accomplishes more on any given day?  Who comes up with innovative ideas more often?   Who looks at challenges as opportunities to explore as opposed to something to avoid?  Who do you spend more time with? Who would you like to spend more time with?

Your customers also like to be around happy people.   Unhappy employees drive customer away.  Happy employees bring them back.

So how can you increase the happiness quotient at work?  It’s not all about the money.  Margaret Heffernan says “Recent research into happiness demonstrates that the happiest people aren’t those with the most money but those with a sense of purpose – a sense that they are contributing to something bigger than themselves.”

Happiness and purpose:  How can you make work about more than work?  What purpose does your business serve?  Is it only about making money or is it about making the lives of your customer better in some way?  Does each individual on your team know how they contribute to that purpose?

“Have fun, do good and the money will come.” – Richard Branson

Happiness and play:  Bring play back to work!  Work should be fun.  Opportunities for play bring your individual team members together.  It helps them get to know each other.  It provides an opportunity to laugh together.  Those opportunities create connections and connections create community, something bigger than just us.

Happiness and accountability:  Those two words really don’t seem to go together, do they? And yet, when everyone understands your company’s purpose, their individual purpose and the purpose of those around them, they are more willing to hold themselves and those around them accountable.  That increases the chance that your company’s purpose will be met.

Happiness and kindness:  What if you made it a habit to do or say something kind to someone on your team every day? Perhaps that will start a chain reaction of random acts of kindness.  When people start looking for ways to be kind to each other, increased happiness is sure to follow.

Happiness is important.  Is there something you are doing to increase the happiness levels at your business? If so, please share.

4 thoughts on “Are you happy?

  1. Happy to come to work?…now that is a novel concept. I recall when that was the case, and even with all that gooes on within that microcosm of humanity, I still try to smaile all day.

    Where I work, some people have fun because they have the authority to make other people miserable…and accomplished they are..

    There is no doubt in my mind that happy is better and maybe they should install a playground at the Harvard Business School and start having recess?

    • Our choice to be happy ultimately lies with each individual, but wouldn’t it nice if others at work chose to focus on helping create an environment where happy didn’t take a lot of work!? As for a playground and recess, I think we could all use that, instead of trying to cram more work in while eating our cold sandwich in front of the computer. And Ray .. somehow I just knew that you were the type of person that looks for reasons to smile and be happy!

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