Shut up and say “Thank you”

I got caught yesterday.  It was our condo AGM and one of my neighbours paid me a compliment.  Immediately I went into “aw shucks” mode and started coming up with a whole lot of reasons why the compliment didn’t apply to me. This wise lady looked at me and very kindly said “Those are rather rude things to say to someone who just complimented you.”

She was right.  She said something kind, very sincerely and I essentially told her “You’re wrong.”  That is rude.

I don’t know why it’s so hard to accept a compliment graciously.  Perhaps it’s because we don’t see the same quality or trait in ourselves.  Perhaps it’s because we’ve been taught that bragging is rude and assumed that also meant accepting a compliment at face value was a sneaky form of bragging?

I don’t have the answer here, so instead throw out a challenge.  If you find it difficult to accept a compliment as well, let’s both agree to try something different. The next time someone says something nice, let’s agree to take a moment, swallow all the self-deprecating remarks that immediately pop to mind and simply say “Why thank you.  What a nice thing to say.”

You up for it?

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