There is no Easy Button (repost)

There are some interesting opportunities opening up right now.  All are good, but they can’t all be done at once and as I was thinking about these options, I was reminded of this post written over a year ago.  I think at some point, we’ve all be in a situation where there is no obvious one right answer to a situation, scenario or question.  At some point, the thinking has to stop and we need to act.  


There are times in our lives when, in spite of all the experience we’ve gained, in spite of all the books we’ve read, in spite of all the advice we’ve asked for and received, there is no clearly obvious answer to the question “Now what do I do?” or “How do I respond to that?”

When sitting still, when maintaining the status quo for at least a bit longer is absolutely not an option; when the pros and cons have been written down, when the risks, benefits, potential outcomes have been analyzed and then analyzed again and there is still no clear solution, then what?

When the only obvious choice is to move, then close your eyes, take a deep breath and go with the option that feels right, or perhaps, just feels less wrong.  Don’t second-guess your decision when everyone else around you is.  That doesn’t mean refusing to alter from the course; it means recognizing you made a decision based on what you knew and believed at that moment.

There is no easy button and while sometimes we may wish there was, it is during the interesting times, the tough times, the times of opportunity, we find out just how strong or who we really are.

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