A Lesson from The Voice

Today, a friend shared a clip from Italy’s ‘The Voice’ where a nun absolutely rocks the crowd with her version of Alicia Keys “No One.”   She nails it and the look on the judges faces when they turned around and realized this amazing voice and talent was coming from a young woman in a habit, instead of sexy clothing was priceless.

What I like about The Voice is that the judges can’t see the contestant. They base their decision on the voice alone, not the package it is wrapped up in.

A friend said recently “Life gives you what you need when you need it” and strange as it may seem, this video clip is exactly what I needed right now. To me it was a reminder that we are all more than we seem on the outside. We are so much more than our actions, our appearance, our past or our present.

Someone near and dear has made some poor life decisions lately. Those decisions are not the full sum of who he is or who he can be. There are some people who will not be able to see past his protective barriers or his negative behaviours.  They won’t see the potential, the talent or the possibility for a better future.

Sometimes the appearance or behaviour of others is not negative or off-putting.  Sometimes people get lost or missed because they have perfected the art of hiding in public. We glance over them but we don’t really see them.

Chances are there are talents, skills, possibilities and opportunities hiding in plain view where you work, where you go to school, where you socialize or where you worship.  They are hiding behind insecure, perhaps sometimes inappropriate behaviour, odd or unique clothing choices.  They could be hiding behind seemingly successful people who are not pursuing a talent or passion because it doesn’t fit the plan someone else laid out for them.

It is Friday. The end of an interesting week.  The video is below. Enjoy it.  Then I encourage you to make a special effort to look for talents and possibilities you may have overlooked in the past because the person didn’t look or sound quite right.

When hidden talents and possibilities are uncovered, our world becomes a better place.

Note: The video is in Italian, but you can translate using the cc tab.  

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