Oh YES You Can!

Just a few weeks ago, I met someone who has overcome obstacles and challenges  that many of us will never have to face. As I got to know this inspiring young man better, I thought back to an “I can’t” phone conversation I had about a year ago.

That “I can’t” conversation lasted 45 minutes.  Every question as to why a timeline had not been met or a task completed, was met with a plaintive “I can’t”, “I don’t have time” or “It’s too hard.”  When asked “What can you do?”, “Is there another way to achieve this goal?” or “When will you complete this?” she was unable to come up with any ideas, suggestions or revised timelines.

What a difference.  

Sometimes the challenges and obstacles put in our way force us to change direction.  Sometimes our future ends up looking different than we originally planned.

We choose our focus.  We can choose to focus on what we can’t do or on what we can do.  That choice dramatically impacts our ability to overcome obstacles.

Successful people and successful businesses focus on what can be done. Whatever your insurmountable wall, your challenge, or your difficult situation is, focus on what you can do and then do it.

2 thoughts on “Oh YES You Can!

  1. To quote Josh Shipp, “You can win or you can CHOOSE”
    Losing is not an option, it is a matter of how you re-frame the outcome to make you a better person.

    • Great quote Jeff. We have the opportunity to shape our life through the choices we make. I particularly like your reference to re-framing the outcome. When we choose to look for opportunities, when we choose to focus on new possibilities our win may look different than we originally saw it, but it is still a win. Thanks for sharing.

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