Wondering Why Your Sales are Down?

Friday night was date night with my husband.  Between our two very busy schedules over the last month and a half, we were overdue for a nice dinner out.

We decided to go to the Beachcomber Restaurant at The Forks Market.  Arielle was working our section and was an absolute delight. She is personable, knowledgeable and very obviously enjoys what she does.  You’ll learn more about her in a later blog, but for now, if you ever get to the Beachcomber in Winnipeg, with any luck you’ll get to sit in her section.

After a very enjoyable dinner, we spent some time in the market.  As we slowly walked by one kiosk, I commented on the super cute hats and how I’d like to have one.  The young lady working in the kiosk was sitting on a chair, staring into her laptop and wearing earplug headphones. She didn’t see or hear me.  We kept walking.

My husband wanted to check out the yummy cannelloni at one of the pastry shops. We walked up to the display case, pointed to the ones that looked particularly tasty and tried to remember our favourite flavour from last time.  The young lady leaning behind the counter glanced up at us, then went back to chuckling at whatever was on her smartphone.  We decided to skip dessert.  (Actually, we wished we’d said ‘yes’ when Arielle asked if we wanted dessert.)

Through no fault of her own, Arielle didn’t sell us dessert.  Another customer may have wanted a knit hat or cannelloni more than we did and so persevered in spite of poor service.  But I am willing to bet that in the long run, Arielle closes more sales than the other two service providers we met.

Wondering why your sales are low?  Perhaps it’s poor service.  Sales and service go hand in hand. Enthusiasm sells.  Indifference doesn’t.


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