What Does Your Company and WestJet Have in Common?

As of this morning the YouTube video of WestJet’s Christmas surprise for two flights has been viewed 27,651,857.  You can’t buy that kind of advertising.  Ok, you can but it costs a LOT!

It’s pretty easy to watch the video, applaud WestJet’s success, have a ‘feel good moment’ and then shrug it off as something only the big boys can do. It’s true many companies don’t have the deep pockets or the staff required to pull off an event like this, so my question is … what CAN you do?

What can YOU do to surprise and delight your customers?  Big screen TV’s, tablets, cameras, socks and underwear are all great gifts, but gifts, expensive or otherwise are not the only things that bring a smile to someone’s face.  Perhaps you can surprise everyone with a cup of hot chocolate on a cold day or have someone brushing the snow off cars in the parking lot.  Unexpected doesn’t need to be expensive.  It does needs to demonstrate you care.

What can YOU do to surprise and delight your employees?  (Hint: Ask them what they think your company can do to surprise and delight your customers.) Watching the video, it’s pretty clear it wasn’t only the passengers who benefited.  The employees rushing to the stores to purchase the gifts and then wrap them seemed to be having a whole lot of fun.  There were smiles, laughter and that joy extended beyond the employees immediately involved.   A lady I used to work with, who now works for WestJet, posted a link to the video with the comment “I work for the best company in the world.”  That is cool.  Employees who get more than a just a paycheque from you are invaluable.

Regardless of the size of your budget or your payroll do something to surprise and delight.  Don’t worry if the likes you receive are a sincere thank you instead of another like on your social media page.  It doesn’t matter how the like comes in as along as you get them.

And in case you haven’t seen the video yet, here it is:

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