Merely ‘meh’

Given the vast choices consumers have available today, locally and globally, good enough isn’t good enough.

My husband and I went out for dinner on Saturday.  A restaurant opened in Winnipeg about six months ago and we kept saying ‘we must go there sometime.’ Sometime finally happened. The food, the service were fine. The service team didn’t do anything to make us determined never to go back, but they also didn’t give us any compelling reason to go back.  As we left and walked back to our car, we both agreed that this was not a place we would return to.

Moving customers from ‘meh’ to ‘we will be back’ means identifying different customer touch points and asking four questions for each touch point.

1. What does my customer expect at this moment?

2.  How can we exceed that expectation?

3.  What could go wrong at this moment?

4.  How will we minimize the disappointment if something does go wrong?

Plan, plan, plan … it is worth the time when a customer leaves saying “We have got to come back here again!”

What are you doing to move your customers from ‘meh’ to “we will be back’?


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