Eclectic Friday

Ok … I admit it.  Inspiration for my next blog post simply is not getting past the mental block. Fortunately, over the last week, other inspired bloggers have shared their view of the world.  Here is a collection of the ones that stuck with me. It’s an eclectic mix.  Enjoy and if you find one that resonates with you, follow them!

  • David Kannigan from Lead.Learn.Live and his blog post Betrayal.  Mesmerizing and then … a gasp of despair.
  • Paul Sutherland at  GYA Today and the video he shared on bringing compassion to work each day.
  • Bruce Zimmerman and his post Selling in the Sweet Spot. A great reminder to identify your ideal customer.
  • Tina at Practical Practice Management and her blog post Keeping Your Work Environment Healthy. Flu season is upon us.  If you’re sick, stay  home … please!
  • Broc Edwards at fool (with a plan) and his blog networking for introverts.  Networking is a scary word for some people .. so don’t network. Instead meet some interesting people and get to know them. Ta da … you have a network!

And last but not least,

  • Don Rockwell,the Leadership Freak and his post The Jerk Quotient for Leaders.  I read it and immediately one or two people came to mind as “yeah .. I know that person” And then, I had to stop, pause and reflect on moments when I’ve been the jerk.  Definitely not pleasant, but a reminder that owning all our moments, even the ones we don’t like, is necessary for personal growth.

Happy Friday everyone!  Enjoy your weekend. Take some time to refuel and re-engergize so you can make Monday the BEST Monday in a long time!

2 thoughts on “Eclectic Friday

  1. Thank you Laurie for the mention. I have read all of these and agree there are a lot of great posts that come to our mailboxes each day, including yours. Thank you for all of the great information you give to us on your blog. Have a great weekend!

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