Five Things you can do to Improve Hiring Success

Here’s a problem.  By far the majority of business owners and managers want their customer to leave feeling they received good or even great service, but finding the people with the right attitude is hard.

My husband and I were at one of the big warehouse stores this weekend. There were two employees standing at the exit, checking the receipts of all customers on the way out.  One employee held out her hand for the receipt, glanced at it, marked it with her black marker and then gave it back with a very unenthusiastic “have a nice day.” The other employee greeted every person that came up to him with an enthusiastic “And how are you today?”  He smiled and had something personal to say to each customer as they were leaving. He referenced the hockey jersey, the beautiful colour of jacket, etc, etc.  As he said good-bye to each customer, many of them seemed just a little more cheerful than a moment before.

Same store, two employees standing almost side by side, but the customer experience was vastly different depending on which line the customer stood in.  Is this a challenge you face?  If so, you are not alone!  While there is never a guarantee that everyone you hire will be just the right person, you can improve the odds considerably by developing a strong recruitment process.

1.  Create a detailed job description for each and every position within the organization. It can be tempting to dismiss some jobs or roles from this important process because the tasks associated with the position are routine or ‘unskilled.’   Avoid falling into that trap for two reasons: a) It sends the message “Your role is not important enough to warrant a job description” and b) Every role has specific requirements.  Timeliness, attention to detail, physical demands, ability to get along with co-workers, etc.  A detailed job description provides the basis for developing assessment forms and interview questions specific to the position being filled.

2.  Know exactly what attitudes and skills you require and which ones you are willing to train on. It can be tempting to hire the person with years of experience, because that should shorten the training period, right?  But just because someone has been doing something for a long time, it doesn’t mean they did it well.  Even if they absolutely ace the skill assessment, if the higher priority is a person’s ability to keep it together in the face of long line ups or a disgruntled customer, then don’t put too much weight to the technical skill.  Which knowledge, attitudes and skills are must haves?

3.  If interpersonal skills are highly important (and I’m trying to think of a time when they wouldn’t be!), develop questions specific to those attributes.  Don’t ask someone if they are comfortable dealing with conflict; ask them to provide you an example of a time they had to deal with conflict.  What was the scenario?  What was their role / responsibility within that situation?  What steps did they follow? Was the situation resolved successfully? How did they know?  What did they learn from that situation?

4.  Create a hiring process for each role.  When a position needs to be filled, will you look internally as well as externally?  Which channels will you use to get the message out that you are looking to fill a position within your organization? What is the key message?Don’t keep this information in your head. Write it down and keep it!

5. Create assessment forms; one to review the applications and one for the interview(s).  Create your questions, outline what information you need to provide the candidate. If it is a multiple interview process, how will you communicate with the candidates as they move, or don’t move, through the process?

As you develop your  recruitment process, keep in mind that if you want the best of the best working for you, you need to demonstrate why the best of the best should want to work with you!

What are some things you do in the recruitment and hiring process to increase the odds of finding the right person, with the right attitude?

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