I need an introduction to ‘Someone’

The other day I caught myself saying “Someone should take care of that.”  There are two words in that sentence that drive me nuts … someone and should.

Just who is someone?  If whatever ‘that’ is, is really important, is it me that needs to act or is there another person on the team more suitable to taking on the challenge or completing the task?  As for should … what is should?  It’s a hope, a wish, a “if I cross my fingers maybe it will get done” kind of word.

Vague indecisive words like ‘someone’ and ‘should’ are not call to action kind of words.  Someone and should is like throwing an idea out into the cosmos on the off-chance it might get picked up and acted on.

I changed my sentence to “I will pull the information together. Will you please call to schedule the appointment?” Guess what?  The information is in a folder by the door, all ready for the appointment scheduled for Friday.

What other vague, indecisive words do you find yourself using?  Which words do you replace them with?

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