Say “Thanks for Being There”

We expect the companies we do business with to appreciate and thank us for choosing them over their competitor down the street, or in today’s global environment, in the next town, the next province or the next country.

Today, I’d like to turn the tables. Take a moment and think about a company you always do business with or at least whenever you possibly can, not because you have to, but because you want to; because they go the extra mile for you; because they make you feel valued and because they appreciate you.

Take a moment to share your experience by leaving a comment here on the blog or on my Facebook page. What is the name of their business? Where are they located? What is it they do that makes you like them so much that are want to let others know how great they truly are?  Is there someone in particular who really stands out as a service star?

I know you already thank them every time you choose to spend your hard earned money with them. They may not expect any more than that, but knowing how much we appreciate thanks and appreciative gestures coming our way, they may like it.

Enjoy your thanksgiving weekend!

2 thoughts on “Say “Thanks for Being There”

  1. Hi Laurie

    One of my favorite businesses is “The Salon”. The owner Lisa goes out of her way to fit you in when your schedule changes and takes the time to remember the important things about her clients. Lisa has created an environment in her salon the is a cut above. When I walk in not only does Lisa greet me, but so do several other stylist. When I need to change my regular appointment due to traveling one of the other stylists step up and make room to see me. They really know how to make their clients feel wanted and cared for.

    • That is a great example, Tina. Thanks for sharing. From your description, it is obvious everyone there has chosen to work together towards one common purpose … pleasing the customer and letting the customer know how important they are. Love it!

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