Who Will You Have Lunch With?

There are people where you work, in your community, some you know, some you don’t know, who have insights and experiences to share. All it takes is someone to ask them.

John Maxwell was in Winnipeg last week.  Out of the pages of take-aways, one idea stands out for me… once a month, take someone for lunch and learn from them.

Ask them questions about how they got to where they are. What failures did they experience and what did they learn from those failures?  Why do they do what they do?  What would they do differently if they could do it all over again?  Who do they know that you should know? And last, but very importantly, what can you do to bring value to them?

Learning, continuing education takes many forms.  Sometimes it is an on-line course, a workshop, a college or university class.  And sometimes, it is as simple, as uncomplicated as lunch.

Who will you have lunch with this month?

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