Resources for Leaders

I’ve been thinking a lot about leadership lately.  What works, what doesn’t?  What makes some people so good at it? Why do some people struggle?  Have we turned the topic of leadership, the idea of leadership, into something much more complicated, difficult or elitist than it needs to be?

Perhaps in some way we have. We hold in awe people who have changed the world.  We dissect, study and analyze their words, their phrases, their style in an effort to understand what made them so great, so that we too can be great.  That is not necessarily a bad thing, but what about the everyday leaders? The ones who show up everyday, without a grandiose vision of changing the world, but instead a focus on changing their world and making it just a little bit better?

For those of you also taking a look at leadership, who ask some of the same questions, here are four resources / links you may find interesting.

  1. David Dye, at Trailblaze with his blog “7 Warning Signs you Should Not Lead“.  The ability to lead well starts with the reason or motivation behind wanting to lead.  If the motivation to achieve a leadership position is based solely on personal benefits such as power or prestige or to satisfy someone else’s expectations, then chances are pretty good the leader and the team are feeling unfulfilled and results will not be as strong as they could be.
  2. Nan Russells’ book The Titleless Leader,is an excellent resource for leaders, those with or without a title, business card or office with a door. Students, interns, new hires, supervisors, company head honchos … all have the opportunity to challenge assumptions, explore new ideas and work towards positive change within their environment.
  3. Dan Rockwell’s blog, Leadership Freak.  Every day, Dan provides his insights on what successful leadership looks like, sounds like and acts like, usually in 350 words or less.
  4. And last but not least, Drew Dudley’s TedX talk – Everyday Leadership.  What is your Lollipop moment?


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