Believe in a World More Beautiful than the One You Know

The modern definition of cynicism, as per Wikepedia, is “an attitude or state of mind characterized by a general distrust of others’ apparent motives or ambitions, or a general lack of faith or hope in the human race or in individuals with desires, hopes, opinions, or personal tastes that a cynic perceives as unrealistic or inappropriate, therefore deserving of ridicule or admonishment. It is a form of jaded negativity, and other times, realistic criticism or skepticism.”

We aren’t born cynical.  I believe we develop that thick second skin to protect ourselves from disappointment, from hurt.  When we believe someone is being kind only to get something back in return, we won’t be disappointed when we turn out to be right.  When we believe that all bosses, employees, customers, friends and family are only ever looking out for number one, it becomes ok to only look out for number one.  The downside to not being hurt and disappointed is that we stop believing that things can be better. We say things like “That’s just the way it is. Get over it.”  We stop believing in the beautiful world full of possibilities that deep, deep down, we want to be true.

Sometimes, you have to believe in spite of the hurt, the disappointment.  This video really spoke to me.  I hope you enjoy as well.

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