Introducing Harried Harriet

Last week, I introduced you to Horrible Harry. His less than stellar management skills have led to low morale, high turnover and negative customer service comments in his department. (If you didn’t get a chance to meet him, click here.)

As easy as it would be to put all responsibility for the rather dismal state of his department on Horrible Harry, the reality is he reports to Harried Harriet. Where is Harried Harriet?  Does she not know what is happening? If she is aware, why is nothing being done?

As it turns out, Harried Harriet is fully aware of the challenges and issues in Horrible Harry’s department.  She has personally witnessed his bad behaviour. She reads the negative customer comments, but she is just too busy to deal with Horrible Harry right now.  Harried Harriet is frantically trying to find ways to cut costs and get new customers in the door because revenue and profit margins are not where they need to be.   She simply does not have time to take Horrible Harry aside and speak to him about the damage he is doing to his department and the business overall.  She simply does not have time to coach Horrible Harry on how to be a better manager.

I know … you saw it too, didn’t you?  If Harried Harriet focused on the root cause of low morale and high turnover, chances are customer service and customer retention rates would improve.  That would mean less time and effort would be needed to bring new customers in the door to try and replace all the unhappy ones that left, never to return again.  That might also mean services wouldn’t have to be cut because the demand for them would increase.

So where are we now?  You’ve met Horrible Harry, who reports to Harried Harriet.  But wait.  We’re not done.  Next week, I’ll introduce you to Waffling Walter, Harried Harriet’s boss.

P.S. To all the Happy, Helpful Harry’s and Harriet’s out there, thank you for all the good work you do!

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