Vegas … Here We Come!

Here I sit at the Winnipeg airport, with my husband, daughter, son and his girlfriend.  Our plane should be arriving soon and we will officially be off on our way to Vegas.  It’s a first experience for all of us.  For Kylie, it’s her first time on a plane.  We have been waiting in anticipation of this trip for months, trying to decide which shows to see and which of the many, many tourist attractions we are going to see. Fortunately, all of kids are no longer kids, which means we can all separate in different directions to do our own thing.  As I am typing that, I have still not figured out how I am going to turn worrying mom off.  I probably won’t be able to turn her off completely and over the years, have at least learned how to dial her down a bit!

As we sit here, I am reminded once again of the impact tourism and hospitality professionals have on helping to fulfill the high expectations travellers bring along on their journey.  So far, everyone we met has created a very positive start. From the taxi driver who arrived right on time to bring us to the airport.  Not only was he efficient, he chatted and laughed with my husband the entire drive.  If he makes guests to Winnipeg feel as welcome in his office as he made us feel, then he is a great ambassador for our city.

The ticket agent at United Airlines, the customs personnel, the very cheerful lady at Tim Hortons … every one of them has helped make the start of our journey positive.

Friendly smiles and patience go a long way in creating positive customer service experiences, especially when slightly cranky young adults arrive, with not enough sleep or patience of their own! Thank goodness for coffee … I think we are all good to go.

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