Your Smile … Don’t Leave Home Without It

Last week, my husband and I decided to treat ourselves to an evening out.  The restaurant decor was beautiful.  The food presentation was inspired and the staff were impeccable in their black pants and crisp white shirts. The only thing missing … smiles.

People were greeted at the door quickly, but with no accompanying smile.  Drink and food orders were taken efficiently, questions answered patiently, but again, no smiles. There were no smiles or personal dialogue between the serving staff and the bartender when orders were placed.   Ditto between the bartender and the customers sitting at the bar.  And the manager?  You guessed it … no smiles.

Beautiful decor, great food and professional looking staff are important, but please … don’t forget the importance of smiles.  It’s smiles and personal interaction that create memorable moments, memorable experiences.   I, as a customer, like smiles, not only directed at me, but also directed at other people on the team.  Smiles make me feel welcome. Smiles make me feel valued. Smiles make me believe you enjoy what you do and if you enjoy what you do, chances are I will enjoy my experience more.  And the more I and other customers enjoy our experience, the more often will will come back.

Smiles are free. Give lots and lots away!




2 thoughts on “Your Smile … Don’t Leave Home Without It

  1. Hi Laurie, I have often wondered what was going on when I encounter blah, no smile, employees. Is it their something about their work environment? I would think it would have to be, no employer could actually hire no smile people 😦

    • Hi Tina, I too think it has a lot to do with the work environment. When work is fun, people smile. Having said that, I’ve learned that even when things are not going well, when there is not a lot of fun happening, putting on a smile makes the bad seem at least a little better. Amazing how one smiling face can turn into two, then maybe three …

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