Just Trust Me

A number of years ago, my daughter made some choices which resulted in the loss of some privileges and trust. What she found particularly frustrating was that while the privileges were restored within a given time, it took longer for the trust to be restored.

Unfortunately, there is no set timeline for developing trust.  In Tina’s blog “Helping Employees to Fly High” she shares some great strategies supervisors and managers can use to help their employees be successful.  I appreciate the fact that she mentioned that creating an environment of trust and mutual respect doesn’t happen overnight.  It takes time, effort and patience.

When introducing something new to your team, when opening up new avenues of communication, don’t become discouraged if there isn’t immediate buy-in or enthusiasm.  Talk to your team members; find out their concerns; answer their questions and don’t take their perceived lack of trust personally.

Trust always involves taking a little leap of faith.  Some people can make that leap fairly quickly.  Others need more time, more evidence.  Their ability to trust depends on their past experiences, their self-confidence and their personal comfort level with risk, all play into how quickly, or not, they trust.

At some point, the inability to trust can turn into a stubborn, obstinate refusal to let others in, but that is a whole other issue to be dealt with in a separate blog.

The trust factor with my daughter was restored a long time ago and we’ve both benefited.  At work and at home, trust is a key ingredient to meaningful dialogue and meaningful relationships. Don’t give up too soon!

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