When the going gets tough, take a break!

It has been awhile since I’ve done the happy dance. After six hours of frustration yesterday, trying to build a customized self-assessment survey in an e-learning course being developed for a client, I finally figured it out this morning!

My expertise is not coding …. it is developing great e-learning courses, which is one if the big reasons I use the platform I do.  It has numerous templates, interactions, quizzes and surveys with all the coding figured out for me.

But for this project, not one of those templates was able to do what I needed it to do, which meant figuring out how to move the learner through the 15 questions (that was the easy part!), attach a score based on their choice of five response options for each question, total each question to provide a final score and provide an overview of what the score meant. Whew!!!

What a great reminder that when the going gets tough, take a break and sleep on it.  Once I stepped away from the problem, I was able to let go of the frustration, which got me back to the mental place required for logical thinking.  I got up early this morning, sat down and within 45 minutes figured out how to get it done.   Two hours later, all that is left to do is add the visual interest components.

I have a feeling my run will be a little stronger this morning. It’s amazing the energy and sense of accomplishment that comes with completing a seemingly impossible task.

Is there something you are feeling stuck with? Are you having trouble figuring out how to move forward?  Perhaps what you need is a break from the problem.  Step away and try again later.  The mental break may be just what you need to get unstuck.

2 thoughts on “When the going gets tough, take a break!

    • Thanks Paul. Another great point you brought up … we are not the alone in our struggle. Be kind to others during their struggle and congratulate them when they achieve success.

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