Service Lands New Customer

When I was growing up, my mom and dad taught me to be true to myself.  Be who you are. Don’t try to be like everyone else.  Those same truisms apply to your company.  It can be tempting to take a look at what your competitors are doing and imitate them.  The problem with that though, is if you are going to be just like your competitor, why would anyone chose to do business with you instead of your competitor?

If you can’t clearly outline what is unique about your company, what makes you different from your competitor, it’s time to sit back, ask yourself why and then figure out a way to differentiate your business.

This weekend I became a new client to a business that chose to differentiate itself on service.  On a fairly frequent basis I need forms or short run documents printed.  In the past, I’ve always gone to Staples.  Their service has never been bad, but it has also never been great.

This time, instead of going to Staples I decided to see if The UPS Store closer to home could complete my print job.  Not only could they get the job done, the service provided by Marcel Hebert was so friendly and so helpful that before I left, I created a business account with them.  There is absolutely no doubt as to where I will go the next time I need printing done.

Marcel offered suggestions, some of them made to save me money and still get a high quality product.  He ran test copies to make sure I was happy with his suggestions.  As soon as he knew my name, he used it regularly.  He smiled, he laughed.  I had planned to put the documents together and he offered to do it. I thanked him and told him there was no way he would have time to get all that done before the store closed in an hour.  When he found out I needed the documents for Monday morning, he said that he was coming in the next day (even though the store is closed on Sundays) to finish a job for another customer and he would also complete my job.  And then he said I could pick up the order Monday at 8:00 am even though the store doesn’t normally open until 9:00 am.

As we talked, he asked me about my business and provided information on other services they offered he thought may be of use to me, if not now then perhaps someday.  He shook my hand and thanked me for coming in when I left.

Staples and The UPS Store both provide printing services.  The friendly, personal service I received at UPS is the reason I will go back to The UPS Store.

Is the service you provide to your customers so good it gets people talking and coming back? If not and if you want to change that, start developing your customer service strategy.  Click here for more information on developing a customer service strategy.

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