An Inspirational Garden

Last week, I asked the question “How will you be remembered?” in this blog post. Sadly, one word that I am fairly certain will never be used to describe me is the word patient.  I have been known to jump into new projects and new challenges without spending enough time upfront on planning and research.  I want things to happen quickly, preferably now.  I am pretty sure there are times I have given up and changed direction too early because I got tired of waiting for results.

This weekend I had the pleasure of discovering a very visual reminder of the benefits of taking the time to plan, to build and to wait patiently for the hard work to pay off.

On Saturday, as I was walking back from the local garden centre, I turned down a street I had not been on before.  On this street was a home with a yard I can only describe as a calm, serene sanctuary, just minutes from downtown Winnipeg.

The house was on a hill with the artfully laid out front walk surrounded by a variety of beautiful flowers and greenery.  The beautiful landscaping providing a visual display that ranged from vibrant purples to calm variegated greens.  Large trees provided welcome shade in some corners of the yard.  Other areas were bright with sunshine.  Wooden decks and stone patios provided ideal places to curl up with a good book or to just watch the world go by.

That yard was obviously the end result of time spent getting to know each corner of the yard, the amount of light it got at each time of the day so that plants that thrived in those conditions could be selected and planted.   It was the result of patiently waiting for new plants to take root, to grow and to fill in the bare earth.   I walked by the house again this morning to see what it looked like in the first mist of the morning. Still beautiful.

The next time I feel the need to rush a decision or to give up too soon, I will remember that yard.  It is patience, hard work and careful tending that generates beautiful results.

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