It Starts with You

“If only he/she/they would do/be/act, then I could/would ….”

How often have you heard a version of this statement from others? How often have you heard yourself saying it?

We’ve all been there. Perhaps a relationship with a friend, a colleague or a partner is not where we’d like it to be. Communication is sporadic, ineffective, results are not being realized.

It’s easy to point out other’s failings and expect them to change for us. Being honest with ourselves, recognizing areas where our stubbornness and ingrained habits may be part of the problem, is harder.

The next time you are in one of those challenging moments, ask yourself “What can I do differently that will help achieve the desired result?”


2 thoughts on “It Starts with You

  1. I like your site, Laurie. It’s polished and professional. I like your messages as well. And, your welcome vid …well done. I’m going to have to figure out to lose the background, I like that. Hope all is well. Have a great week. ~Paul

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