How Will You Be Remembered?

This weekend, I attended yet another funeral.  I lost an uncle and my mom lost another brother.  Based on the very full church and the numerous stories shared by family and friends, Uncle Edwin will be deeply missed.  The memories shared  portrayed a generous man; a man willing to share his time and his talents.  Many people remembered  Uncle Edwin as someone they could turn to when they were struggling.  He always had time to listen to them; he encouraged them and very often pitched in to help seed a crop or take it off the field. As long as he was able, he helped out his family, friends and neighbors.

Uncle Edwin was a man of faith and deep convictions.  He knew what he believed in and had his priorities firmly in place.

Death is the final farewell here on earth, but throughout our lives, we say good-bye to places, to jobs and to various people we meet along the way.  At each of those good-byes, we leave behind us an impression, a picture, a legacy of who we are.

Have you ever wondered how you will be remembered?  What legacy have you left behind?  What stories will people share about you?

Will previous friends, co-workers, employees or employers remember you as someone they would welcome back if given the chance?

How would you like to be remembered?

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